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Sonny has some shows coming soon.
Check back here for when and where.
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"He is fascinating and a true entertainer for all ages ."
                                                                            Garden Club of America

"Not only did he fascinate everyone, he was able to adapt to any audience."
                                                                                 The President Riverboat

"You were the perfect magician to entertain the kids and everyone had a great time."

"Sonny's magic show was humorous,energetic and enjoyable for both children and parents
Missouri Botanical Garden

"He generates an enormous electricity, brings smiles and belly laughs to his amazed
  on-lookers... Sonny sets a wonderful tone for a pleasant evening of entertainment."
John Auble , Goldenrod Showboat
(314) 630-9559 . . .  the only number you need for . . . 
Have a former Branson, Missouri Entertainer at your next event.
  Award Winning, Mind Boggling Entertainment At Its' Best
     Often Imitated - Never Duplicated - 100% Guaranteed
 Sonny has been doing Comedy Kids, Family Fun Magic Shows for over 35 years.
Audience participation is a mainstay of his shows. Jokes for the whole family - and a whole lot of FUN. Sonny is in demand and he is one of the most sought after family entertainers in his field. Sonny books about three months in advance - call today to try to get your date (314) 630-9559. Go to fan mail to read what some of his fans say about Sonny Williams. Click here to find out where Sonny has already performed.
  Sonny's shows are 100% Guaranteed  -  if you are not satisfied, he does not get paid, and he will donate $25.00 to your favorite charity.
Call today - (314) 630-9559

  As a former Branson, MO entertainer Sonny knows what entertainment is all about.
Specializing in Kids and Family Fun Entertainment

Sonny has won numerous competitions. These are for stand-up comedy stage magic and close-up comedy magic contests. He placed in a Street Performers Competition and won First Place at the Missouri Outdoors Talent Show which landed him a spot on TV. Call today (314) 630-9559

David Copperfield
   said this about Sonny Williams
"Sonny who ?"
    . . .now that's funny.
and here are some of the things kids have said to him -
        "You are great!"
  "Where the heck did that cute little rabbit come from?"
             "You were awesome!"
   "I really like you  and I love your rabbit, can I have him?"
          "You are cool !"
    "Can you come to my house and do my birthday party?".

Barbara Fairchild said this about Sonny Williams -
"Did anyone ever tell you that you are funny?"

Sonny has been a guest performer numerous times at the Barbara Fairchild Theater, Branson Missouri.
  Sonny was on "Show Me St.Louis" and Fox 2 to promote the Missouri Botanical Garden's "Wizard Weekend".
If you missed it, the videos are on YouTube.
He has also done a commercial for Branson's Vacation Channel,a "Missouri Outdoors" special and his very own cable special "Faze Four Magic Moon Production"

   Go To Sonny's YouTube page.
Have a Branson,Missouri entertainer at your next event.

Sonny has performed at the Barbara Fairchild
Theater, Owens Theater, Remington Theater, Mel Tillis Theater and the Grand Palace, and Sonny was at the Branson Fest With all the Branson Celebrities and Entertained at the Plumb Nellie Days Hillbilly Festival.
or, call today (314) 630-9559
Three Time World Wrestling Champ         Nikita Koloff "The Russian Nightmare"           Gives Sonny One Thumbs UP
"The best magician in all of St.Louis is Sonny K.Williams."
Riverfront Times - St.Louis
Sonny has been entertaining the Midwest over 35 Years (Since 1977)
This is Sonny's - er - I mean Santa's helper.
You better watch out, you better not pout, Santa Claus is coming to town.
Need a Santa?
Yes, Sonny is Santa Claus.
Call today (314) 630-9559