"The best magician in all of St.Louis is Sonny K.Williams."
Riverfront Times - St.Louis
Sonny has been entertaining the Midwest over 35 Years (Since 1977)
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"Outstanding in his field"
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What are You going to do to raise money this year?

Sell cookies or candy?
Everybody is into low carbohydrates, thanks to Dr. Atkins.

How about a Car Wash or a BBQ?
Work for weeks to plan the day and it rains.
Are you tired of the same old thing just to raise a few bucks.

How would you like to raise $500, $1,000 or $2,000 for your
Non-Profit bank account or for a needy family or child?


Its Fun and everybody will have a great time doing it.
At no risk you can book Sonny Williams to perform in your town.
All you need is the place to do it, and a group of motivated
people to help promote it.

This is all you need to do;

1. Pick a date and call Sonny to see if he has that date open.
           If Sonny is open on that date he will pencil it in on his calendar.
                  ( Why in pencil ? If that date is impossible,he can
                                     erase that date and arrange a new date)

2. The Place. You are responsible for booking the club, auditorium,
           theater, school cafeteria, Gym, meeting hall our whatever
           as long as it is inside.

3. Enough seating for the audience

4. Sound System. If you have a sound system, that is great.
           If not , we have a sound system that will work for the event.

5. People to sell tickets to the show, and some volunteers
           to take tickets at the door.

And Sonny will take care of the rest! Just send Sonny an e-mail or call with the following information: Your Name, the name of your group, the date, location, (city, state, street) and your phone number.

Sonny will let you know A.S.A.P. if he is available.

(314) 630-9559    e-mail sonnywilliams@juno.com

Fundraising Details:

Here's how the financial end of the fundraiser breaks down.

After the first $300.00 (Only 50 tickets @ $6.00 each)

we split the proceeds 50-50.

Here's an example to further explain the split at $6.00 each.

All tickets sold (up to 400) are split at 50% less the initial $300.00. So, if you sell 400,the gross revenue for tickets sold is $2400.00, less the initial 300.00 making the remainder 50% of 2100.00 or your profit will be 1050.00. If you break 400 ticket sales, the profit is split 50% without the initial $300. If you break 500 ticket sales you receive 66% of the profit without the initial $300.

Examples of ticket sales at $6.00 ea
100 tickets = $150 profit for your group
200 tickets = $450 profit
300 tickets = $750 profit
400 tickets = $1050 profit
450 tickets = $1350 profit
500 tickets = $2000 profit!!

And that is how it works.

Call Today @
(314) 630-9559

e-mail  sonnywilliams@juno.com