This is my story

  Hi - I would like to introduce myself. I am the Top Kid Show Magician in St. Louis, MO. I specialize in KIDS and family fun, mind boggling entertainment. I am in demand and one of the most sought after entertainers in my field. My performance schedule stays full you have to call me three months in advance.

  When I was only five years, old I can remember watching Mark Wilson on TV with my Dad. Mark was a famous magician back in the 60s. A big influence in my life. I told my Dad I want to be just like him. Years later, I got the magic bug when I was fourteen in my old home town of College Park, Maryland. I was walking in a mall, saw a magic shop and walked in. A man did a trick with four nickels and magically changed them into four dimes. I bought my first trick that day and been hooked ever since. That was in 1974. I still have that trick today. It is sad back then they did not have magic clubs for kids as you had to be 16 or older. I learned my magic from books and by watching Mark Wilson on TV.

  My professional career started when I got my first "paying gig" in 1977. This particular show was a child's birthday party up the road from my house. Boy, how times have changed. I have gone from doing birthdays parties to nightclubs, trade shows and corporate events. Some of my clients include Anheuser-Busch, Sigma-Aldrich, Sears, 7UP and many other Fortune 500 companies. I have been featured on television, radio and in the newspapers and magazines.

  I have performed all over Branson, Missouri for years - at the Owens Theater, Barbara Fairchild Theater, Mel Tillis Theater, Remington Theater and the Grand Palace. Plus, I performed at the Branson Fest with all Branson Celebrities and entertained at the Plumb Nellie Days Hillbilly Festival.

  Among my magical achievements are first place in both stage and close up contest held by the International Brotherhood of Magicians and top three honors as a street performer in the mid west. And, thats my story and I'm sticking to it.