"The best magician in all of St.Louis is Sonny K.Williams."
Riverfront Times - St.Louis
Sonny has been entertaining the Midwest over 35 Years (Since 1977)
This is Sonny's - er - I mean Santa's helper.
You better watch out, you better not pout, Santa Claus is coming to town.
Need a Santa?
Yes, Sonny is Santa Claus.
Call today (314) 630-9559
    Sonny already has a book out?
It's called, Sonny Williams Top Secret Magic Book
for only $5.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling.
Great for starter and beginner magicians.
It's a top seller.

   NOW Sonny has a new book out!
Other magicians and entertainers are saying Sonny is CRAZY for giving out his information that he has used over the last 25 years. All the Top Secret Stuff you need to know to book more shows than you can handle.
This is for the more advance entertainers.
Its called NOTHING HELD BACK. Great for entertainers who would love to book a lot more shows.
And its only $10.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling.

  If you would like Sonny to lecture at your magic meeting call him today for more information.
(314) 630-9559

  This is what some one had to say about his lecture and book.
"When Sonny first asked me to write a few words about his new lecture, needless to say I was flattered. I first had the pleasure of meeting Sonny over 20 years ago at our local Ring's close-up contest (which by the way, I believe he took second place that night). Sonny is a very accomplished magician, both in close-up magic and children's magic. His emphasis is on Entertainment and he accomplishes just that. While it may be hard to lecture on the subject of promotion, take my word that Sonny is a master at this. I have never met someone who does as many shows as Sonny. Sonny has all the work he can handle and actually turns down more shows than most of us do in a month. Heed his words, put his ideas to work, and I will bet your booking increase tenfold."

Steve Zuehlke
Past President IBM Ring One
Chairperson Mid West Magic Jubilee  
This is the cover of Sonny's new book.
Just a Tell All On How To Book Yourself. What You Do To Make Them Run To The Phone And Call You. You Do Not Make Cold Calls Or Write Letters.
Save Your Money Don't Advertise In The Yellow Pages or Newspapers.
This is the Cheapest and the Best Way to Promote Yourself.
You show four nickels, sit them on the table, you show a brass cap (empty) and you put the cap on top of the nickels.
You or a spectator takes the cap off the nickels and
The four nickels are gone and there are four dimes in their place. You pass out everything for inspection - nothing to hide.
Fantastic - and it is only $10.00. Plus $2.50 S&H.

  If you order my Top Secret Magic Book and Nickels to Dimes trick together its only $12.50 for both of them Plus $2.50 shipping and handling. WOW!
This is my very first trick. I got back in 1974 and it still blows them away today. I love it, it is small and it fits in your pocket. This is well made out of solid brass.
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